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BTS is Back in the spotlight

BTS is Back in the spotlight

BTS members to embark on mandatory military service with the South Korean military. They have yet to announce their plans to leave their present position, but that’s probably a good indication.

BTS was formed in January 2015, and after an introduction on KBS’ ‘Good Morning Music’, they released their first music video, ‘Mr.Mr.’, on April 4, 2015. The track, which took 10 days to complete, has sold over 700,000 copies on YouTube, and the boys’ popularity is only rising. On December 8, the boys released their second ‘Mr.Mr.’ track, ‘Sorry Sorry,’ which has sold over 30,000 copies.

Despite their success, BTS has been criticized by netizens for making money off of “bae.” The group has, however, gone ahead with their plan to start performing on stage, despite the controversy.

BTS have been doing well lately. Their first concert was held in February 2015, and their first album was released later that month. Their popularity exploded with their second comeback single ‘I Need U,’ which was released May 14. Although, at first glance, the video made us think their popularity would fade away, it actually had the opposite effect. Their music and their performances are bringing them back into the spotlight and fans are coming to the shows again.

The group will be holding their second comeback performance at the ‘GOM’ concert in Tokyo on June 28. Tickets will go on sale on Friday, May 28 at 9 a.m. (JST).

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If you’re wondering how they survived through all those members, the answer is simple. One member, Jungkook, did not want to leave his previous job. Jungkook wanted to make money through music, but he couldn’t get along well with most of his colleagues. Even if they did not like him, they didn’t say anything so he didn’t leave.

And so, the four remaining members formed BTS. When they first started out, BTS was just four members,

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