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Cyrus and Murray are engaged to their ‘the real deal’

Cyrus and Murray are engaged to their 'the real deal'

Billy Ray Cyrus confirms engagement to ‘the real deal’ he met filming ‘Hannah Montana’ for the first time


Billboard – The ‘Hannah Montana’ singer and his fiancee Hannah Murray broke up last month. But the Grammy-winning singer told the outlet that he got engaged to his ‘the real deal’ after they first met during the filming of the show in Hollywood.

Billboard – Billboard magazine reports that Cyrus and his bandmate in the band Brides of Destruction, Russell allegedly told the outlet “We just met this girl from Hannah Montana while filming the show, and she totally blew us away. We got engaged after a week.”

Billboard – The source added that Russell and Cyrus’ relationship didn’t begin until the third season when he met her on the set.

Billboard – The magazine adds that it “fans” Cyrus and Murray, who are friends, have been engaged since July.

“We’re going to go out to the studio, and we’re going to do this thing called a proposal and do that thing called a wedding. I know this song,” Cyrus said.

Billboard – Cyrus also confirmed that the big day is going to be at Universal Studios in Los Angeles, though his fiance reportedly told the magazine she didn’t know if they’re going to be on the air.

“We have an engagement party at the studio, and then we’re going to celebrate,” Cyrus told Billboard. “We’re going to celebrate in the studio.”

Billboard – The magazine reports that the Grammy-winning singer, who is currently working on his first album and has been preparing for the event in Los Angeles for months, said he is considering having the engagement party there.

Billboard – Although the magazine reports that Cyrus and his publicist told the outlet that “it’s not official” and that the couple is waiting for a ring to be engraved.

Hannah and Russell’s split was announced on March 16th and Cyrus, 36, wrote an open letter to Murray, 38, explaining why he doesn

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