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I Don’t Know How My Wife Got My Death Certificate

I Don’t Know How My Wife Got My Death Certificate

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I’m a widow (to an older man). When he died, his wife had his death certificate and medical records transferred to her, and she claimed sole ownership of his things. Unfortunately, her husband’s lawyer insisted the wife keep them.

The wife’s attorney filed an action against me for conversion (the death certificate and records), and I settled for $3,000 – I gave her the lawyer’s first and last will and testament I had with me. I even gave her my marriage license, my college diploma and a few other things. I gave my wife everything she asked for.

She did not have to go through any kind of legal procedure. She got everything the way she wanted it. This arrangement lasted for many years, until recently, when I found out she was now seeking sole ownership of my belongings since she had gotten an updated death certificate from her doctor.

Her lawyer, the same one who filed the conversion case, was very helpful. She offered to give me everything back to me that she had taken from my house. She wanted nothing more than to let the matter go. I did not want to give it up. I still had some of the things, so I decided to give it a shot.

I asked my wife if I could have the deed to our home transferred to me, and she agreed. I wrote a check and gave it to her. I don’t know how she got that certificate. It’s on a piece of paper, not something I would have brought with me.

I asked her to put the certificate in a safe place. When she showed me what she had, I realized what had happened. It was a deed. I could not get the deed transferred. I couldn’t take it. It’s in an envelope that she had sent with the medical records, and a letter. The letter, to say the least, was disturbing.

In the letter, it had been changed. The lawyer had filed the wrong documents. Since the deed was a deed from my deceased husband to my wife, it should have been listed on the document

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