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Joni Mitchell’s New CD, “The Very Best of Joni Mitchell”

Joni Mitchell’s New CD, “The Very Best of Joni Mitchell”

Joni Mitchell tells Elton John what fans have hoped for: A new album might be coming soon.” He wrote in the article, “With all due respect to Joni Mitchell, it’s about to get real hard to wait for a new album from her… A new Joni Mitchell album might have been the only thing that would’ve made her stay, since the world is already starting to look at her as dead.”

He also said in the article, “I’m not talking about any of the songs that are now on his upcoming CD, that have been in the air for a few years now. I’m referring to the ones that haven’t been written for ages.”

He went on to say, “Joni Mitchell and Elton John had many good years together. And he told me that she had a lot of songs he’d love to record. But he just didn’t get around to getting around to them.” He said that, “Joni Mitchell’s best song is called ‘I’m a Believer,’ one of the most gorgeous songs ever written.”

The Rolling Stone review of his new CD, “The Very Best of Joni Mitchell” included the opinion, “A gorgeous collection of the most stirring of Mitchell’s late work featuring some of the strongest instrumentation ever put together, with the help of some of the most beautiful voices in rock.”

He also gave the CD 7 stars rating in the CD Universe review, “The Very Best of Joni Mitchell.”

He also wrote in the review, “It’s a beautiful collection of her greatest songs, a record that stands on its own merits.”

He also wrote, “The very best of Joni Mitchell.”

He has done several album signings over the last three years for his new CD. The album, “The Very Best of Joni Mitchell” is available on Amazon and other music retailers.

The Rolling Stones have performed with Joni Mitchell in the past. They have also performed on the album “Let it Roll” by Joni Mitchell.

The Rolling Stones perform “Let It Roll” by Joni Mitchell during her performance of an art installation at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame on July 22, 2014, in Cleveland, Ohio.

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