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JOSH ROGERS: The government doesn’t fund college

JOSH ROGERS: The government doesn't fund college

GUTFELD: Colleges are brain-free zones and don’t need the distraction of students from the classroom. They don’t need students to worry over the welfare of their education.

GEORGE W. BUSH: In many of those colleges out in California and Arizona, there are very large numbers of people, a large proportion of these students have dropped out of school and don’t even show up for class very often.

JEFFREY R. MACHULA: The government does not fund a college education, but it does guarantee that you pay into the same system that pays for your Social Security, for your veterans’ benefits, for disability benefits. And the money that the state makes available, the money that these colleges are allowed to accept, is pretty much at the discretion of the university’s trustees. Which, to be frank, are largely the same people who are running this country.

GEORGE W. BUSH: So we have to remember that we are not in the business of teaching people to be good citizens, but making sure that when they leave school, they have the skills that they need to get a job in the free market. So we have to make sure that these students are prepared and are not only prepared on a academic basis, but they are being prepared by employers to be competitive.

JOSH ROGERS: They’re not making it easy. The students are in classes that are, like, four hours long. They’re often crammed in there with 15 other students, and it’s more like five years, where it’s just a handful of students all together. They say they don’t have to worry. That if they have money, they can pay for it out of pocket. They say that if they have money, they can pay for it out of pocket and they’ll even work with the government to get grants to pay for college.

GEORGE W. BUSH: They’re going to have to work harder than everybody else. And they know it. They’ve got to work harder than everybody else. So they go in, they get that degree, and they get a job right away.


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