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Oscar Loehrer Jr. died of carbon monoxide poisoning in Mexico City

Oscar Loehrer Jr. died of carbon monoxide poisoning in Mexico City

Teachers and business owner who died of carbon monoxide poisoning at Mexico City Airbnb brought light to those around them, families say

A retired school teacher, father and businessman who died inside a home in Mexico City died of carbon monoxide poisoning, as neighbors and friends held funeral services.

Oscar D. Loehrer Jr. died on March 18, 2019, as a result of “multiple carbon monoxide accidents,” the city’s Civil Protection Secretariat said in a statement on Friday.

He was 52. His death brings to 31 the number of people who died or suffered permanent brain damage due to CO poisoning in Mexico in the past five years.

In a statement, relatives and friends praised Loehrer for his kindness and commitment to helping others and said that he had a “positive future ahead of him.”

He was known for working to end poverty in the El Rito neighborhood, according to a post on the Facebook page “The City.”

It said that in 2016 on the night before Halloween, “Oscar decided to turn off the street lamps in honor of the victims of Hurricane Katrina.”

“On the way home to his apartment, he decided to take one last walk to see just one more house in El Rito neighborhood lit up for Halloween,” the post said.

As he walked further down the street, he saw Loehler’s house and decided to turn off all the street lights in his memory.

The post added: “He would never know how much he would be loved, not just by his friends, but by many, many people.”

The family is seeking donations to help pay for medical expenses for his children, according to the statement from the family.

The El Rito neighborhood in Mexicali, Mexico. Facebook/The City

“He was a compassionate, loving and caring man, who was always there for his friends and family, and always gave his last dollar to help someone

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