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Quebec to host COVID-19 vaccine clinics

Quebec to host COVID-19 vaccine clinics

Scotiabank Arena to host mass COVID-19 vaccination clinic for young kids Dec. 12

MONTREAL — COVID-19 vaccine clinics offered by vaccine manufacturers and government organizations across Canada are coming under further scrutiny due to growing concerns of parents who worry about vaccines’ safety.

Health Minister Patty Hajdu says vaccinations are a “life-saving” tool that needs to be taken into account for the well-being of children in Quebec.

On Thursday, the government will host a series of COVID-19 vaccine clinics at five sites, including the Montreal Centre du Sport and Recreation, the city’s hockey arena, to be held over two evenings.

Officials are reminding parents of vaccinations at the province’s age-appropriate ages — including those of their children who just reached kindergarten — which will include all vaccines administered to children in public and private healthcare programs in addition to those to protect against diseases.

The clinic will include free flu vaccinations, the flu, and the Pneumococcal and Hemophilus Influenza type B, which is an influenza vaccine effective on most adults and children. If asked, parents will be given the list of the vaccines that they need to have their children vaccinated against the influenza virus, including the H1N1 vaccine due to be rolled out this fall.

The clinic will also offer free immunizations for children at the ages of six weeks to three years old against the pneumococcal and H1N1 vaccines.

The Quebec government has not yet decided when the FluMist vaccine will be rolled out. It could launch as early as October.

The other sites being used for the vaccine clinics include the Saint-Denis Centre for Health Sciences and the Centre de Sante of the Montreal Public Hospital System.

Officials with the Quebec Ministry of Health have said the goal is to offer these clinics in order to help people get the information they need to make informed decisions about the administration of vaccines.

Many residents in Quebec have concerns about vaccination and the health of their children and want to know the specific strains of the vaccines involved.

They argue there is no safety behind the administration of this particular vaccine, which has been used for decades.

“We think vaccines are a necessary form of protection, but we also think there are more effective ways to protect the public such as getting good nutrition, or having a good work

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