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Quentin Tarantino: The Hateful Eight

Quentin Tarantino: The Hateful Eight

Why Quentin Tarantino will never make a Marvel film: ‘I’m not looking for a job’ – but he does want to make one

Quentin Tarantino is an enigmatic and unconventional director. With his signature blunt talk and use of social media as a way to communicate, the man of many voices has a difficult job.

So when he spoke at the recent Tribeca film festival, he was very measured, sitting across from a few people, but keeping his lips sealed like a teenager on the first date. As he spoke, his eyes glanced across the expo floor, catching sight of something small and white.

It turned out to be his dog, Django, who was trying to hide in the shadow of a big white pillar, hoping to be a star. Tarantino could not see her.

“No, no!” he said to himself.

“I could’ve sat at an easier conference, but I wanted to be in the middle of it. And I had a chance to come to this, with The Hateful Eight, one of the most successful films of the year, so it was a good time.

“I really was just talking about social media and how difficult it is. It could be the biggest thing in the world to make a movie, but it’s also a way to get attention and it can be intimidating. But I think it is what it is. I did some things at the last Django Unchained screening that I thought it was too much about social media. So, if I was doing social media, I would’ve said it was the best thing ever!

“We’re in the middle of an interesting time in the world right now. People are being radicalised in ways that they hadn’t in history. They are expressing their political views and they are being challenged on those issues that are much deeper, that are much more important to them than anything you’ve ever heard.

“If you’re a young person, I think that’s something you’

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