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Taylor Swift’s presale sold out and pre-sold out

Taylor Swift’s presale sold out and pre-sold out

Ticketmaster has Taylor Swift fans seeing red as Swifties get shut out of tour presale

The following is the press release that Taylor Swift’s camp sent out after her latest concert sold out and pre-sold out despite the two-pronged PR juggernaut, having a ticket pre-sale that went down today.

“Taylor Swift fans are disappointed that the presale ticketing for her upcoming tour ‘Purpose’ sold out while tickets for those who do not own a Taylor Swift concert ticket were already out for pre-sale,” said Swift’s senior creative director, Michael Karagiannis and executive creative director, Jeff Johnson from Taylor Swift’s camp.

“Taylor Swift has a long history of not following the rules set forth by the marketplace, and she would not be able to get out of this situation by simply complaining. Even with her recent controversy, she continues to be the same artist, despite what others say.”

The press release also mentions that Swift is going to use her music and her social media channels to bring more awareness to the situation. Swift’s camp says that she will be reaching out to her ticket buyers and those who did not get to purchase tickets, and offering them an opportunity to participate in what they deem as a constructive, safe and respectful discussion with her. Swift is a part of the Ticketmaster presale lottery, and many people had to purchase tickets first before the presale even began.

A Ticketmaster representative told Billboard that this is the first time ever that Taylor Swift’s presale has had issues. The representative says that Taylor Swift will refund all tickets at the point of purchase, but the reps also say that they did not want to comment further on it, as this is an ongoing process that is still being investigated. Ticketmaster also says that they are continuing to work with Swift to resolve this issue as quickly as possible. They are also reaching out to artists who have missed out on tickets and who have purchased tickets to know that they will be eligible to participate in the presale that is being held in conjunction

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