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The Media’s Obsession with Trump

The Media's Obsession with Trump

Letters to the Editor: It isn’t just Fox News. The media never could take their eyes off Donald Trump, they couldn’t resist his charisma and every breath of his scandalous life story. Every story has been a story of a sex scandal, bankruptcy, bankruptcy, sex scandal and then bankruptcy and then sex scandal at least three times.

The media is as much Hillary Clinton’s enemy as it is mine.

And, you know, Trump is the most unifying force in America. He is creating a spirit of rebellion by showing us that there are other ways of running an American country and a country and a world that can be a better, freer, happy place. And America’s greatness and our greatness is not based on our Constitution, it’s not based on our form of government, it’s not based on our traditions, it’s not based on the rules for the rules that we’ve set out. It’s the result of America’s will to be a better place, a brighter place.

It’s the result of America’s will to be that way. And I’m for that, and Hillary Clinton is not.

Bill Fung

Los Angeles

The real scandal is the media’s obsession with Trump.

The media’s obsession with Trump is not to say he was wronged. But he was wrong when he spoke to the Russians, he was wrong when he asked Ukraine to investigate his political enemy, he was wrong when he fired FBI director James B. Comey.

The media’s obsession with Trump is to say, “We are so interested because we know, we know what kind of person he is…” He is not a human being, he is a person who was a star when he was at the top of his game and now he is nothing. He is a star now and he is nothing. That’s what’s at stake here.

This nation was built on the rule of law. And we need to restore the rule of law, not a fake one, but the real

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