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The Palestinian Right to Self-Determination

The Palestinian Right to Self-Determination

Saluting in Solidarity with the Palestinian Cause

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The Palestinian Cause

By Richard R. Peet

The Israeli occupation army, the Palestinian Authority and their allies in Washington, have a long history of war in the region. For over half a century they have been conducting military and political crimes against the Palestinian people. No nation has suffered more from the crimes of the Zionist occupation than the Palestinian people. Palestinians have been deprived of their right to self-determination and statehood. No people has been under so much threat and abuse as Palestinians.

The Palestinians of the West Bank are under Israeli military occupation. Their right to life, liberty, and security of person are not respected. The United Nations and the International Court of Justice have ruled that the Israeli Government and military regime have committed war crimes.

Palestinian political rights are violated every day in the West Bank and East Jerusalem. The Israeli occupation army routinely destroys Palestinian homes, confiscates Palestinian property and detains and kills Palestinian civilians at will.

In light of this pattern of human rights and international law violations, the United Nations Security Council has repeatedly recognized the Palestinian right to self-determination and called on all states to cease all acts of aggression and occupation in the Palestinian territory and to protect the rights of the Palestinians.

The United States, Israel and the United Nations have failed in their obligations to the Palestinian people. In the decades since the end of the Middle Eastern war in 1975, the United States, Israel and the United Nations have failed to exercise their responsibilities and responsibilities to the Palestinian people in a fair manner. They have refused to take action to defend them against the crimes and atrocities of the Israeli occupation army and the Palestinian Authority.

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