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The Situation Room: The White House and the Senate health care bill

The Situation Room: The White House and the Senate health care bill

CNN chief Chris Licht tells staff to brace for budget cuts.

The CNNMoney team just spent an hour covering the latest on the health care reform debate.

But the last 12 hours have been a long time in politics.

We’ve discussed the fiscal cliff, the debate over President Obama’s executive order on immigration and the fate of a House resolution against the Keystone pipeline. On Tuesday, we discussed the Supreme Court battle between House Republicans and the White House over the Affordable Care Act.

Then, last night, we discussed the latest on the Senate health care bill.

President Obama signed into law a sweeping overhaul of the U.S. health care system on Monday. And a few hours later, the House passed a repeal-and-replace health care bill.

The bill is expected to go to the Senate floor next week, and it looks like we’ll be watching with interest to see if Republicans’ objections to the bill can be overcome. As CNN’s chief congressional analyst, John Avlon, has said, there’s this idea of a deal in the weeds on health care between the White House and Senate Republicans — and we’re going to have to wait and see what happens from there.

So that’s the story, and we’ll try to get to it all.

This evening on CNN’s “The Situation Room,” we’ll take a look at “the latest on the health care reform debate.”

We’ll listen to Republican senators who have spoken out against the Senate bill. We’ll hear from Democrats about the prospects for the Senate bill, and we’ll listen to Republican congressman who just voted against the Senate bill, but now seem to be on board with the White House healthcare bill.

And we’ll get to the reaction from the White House to the House health care bill.

You can watch, along with John Avlon, here:

7:38 a.m. ET: President Obama signed a sweeping federal health care reform law on Monday, just after Congress voted to overturn the health law through a procedural maneuver.

The president did it on a busy day in Washington with two major developments. He signed into law President Barack Obama’s landmark health care reform bill. It was the second major milestone this morning after a dramatic vote in the House that overturned the health law on Capitol Hill.

President Obama’s signing of the

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