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Trump’s Star Power Is Getting a Majority in Alabama’s Senate Race

Trump’s Star Power Is Getting a Majority in Alabama’s Senate Race

Sheriff Villanueva’s chances for second term dwindle as Luna’s lead holds strong

In this July 28, 2018, file photo, Jose “Pepe” Hernandez, right, speaks to supporters during a rally in front of the Santa Maria police station during a countywide special election in Santa Barbara, Calif. (Sam Hodgson, File photo via AP, Pool)

HUNTSVILLE, Alabama — When it comes to the upcoming special election in the Alabama Senate race, the race that the Trump-backed Republican is certain to win next month, there are no easy ways to think about it, especially because the president’s endorsement has become one of the most divisive forces in the Alabama Senate race.

For one, this is a battle in which Trump has been the biggest beneficiary in terms of being able to attract Republican votes.

“If you ask a Republican voter in Alabama, if they had a choice between a Democrat and Trump,” said Brian Calvert, state GOP chairman, “the Republican voter would say, ‘I’m going with him.’”

In another way, the election has brought two competing sides into stark contrast. One side is the anti-Trump forces who are trying to unseat Republicans who believe the president should not be able to have his way in Congress and in state politics. The other side, supported by the president, is the pro-Trump forces who are trying to unseat Democrats who oppose everything Trump stands for.

The two sides have been in close competition ever since Trump won the White House. And as Election Day approaches, the stakes are even higher.

Trump won four of Alabama’s five statewide offices: governor, secretary of state, attorney general, and Alabama Republican chairman.

In the governor’s race, Trump’s star power is obvious. Republicans are wary of Trump’s ability to help statewide candidates, and vice versa. Trump is an unassailable favorite in the governor’s race, especially for the president’s

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