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Uber’s Statement to Ontario’s Competition Bureau

Uber’s Statement to Ontario’s Competition Bureau

Uber warns of higher prices and longer wait times following Toronto’s decision to freeze new licences

Uber has sent out a statement to its customers regarding the recent decision made by Ontario’s Competition Bureau to block UberX in the province.

The statement from Uber states that the decision is disappointing for the company, but notes that it still believes in the legal viability of the company and its business model.

“The Bureau’s decision is disappointing and will hurt Uber’s customers, especially those who rely on the company for services such as rides to work,” the statement says. “Uber has always believed in the legal viability of the company and the business model it offers. This is why we have invested more than $1 billion in the operation and have created more than 10,000 jobs in Ontario since Uber launched in 2009, including over 3,000 in Toronto.”

The statement goes on to say that, while Uber is disappointed, it believes the company will continue to be a viable option in the future. “It is our intention to continue providing value to Uber’s community and business partners and to build on the success achieved so far in Canada.”

The statement continues that Uber is still a legal option and does not believe that the bureau’s decision is going to do any significant damage to the company’s ability to provide a reliable, affordable ride.

“While Uber has always believed that its drivers are covered by worker compensation and that it meets the requirements for the provision of services under Ontario’s labour code, the Bureau’s decision would mean the company will not be able to provide the service it is required to meet the current rules,” the statement says. “We are disappointed that the Bureau’s decision will cause such an adverse effect on the Uber Driver community.”

Meanwhile, Uber’s senior vice president of policy and government relations, John Rosenfield, provided the following statement to TechCrunch:

“Uber is disappointed with the Ontario Competition Bureau’s announcement. The Bureau’s decision is a serious blow to Uber and its thousands of drivers in the province. We look forward to continuing the conversation about this matter with the Bureau.”

Uber’s senior vice president also took to Twitter to thank the company’s customers “for being part of

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