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Winnipeg City Council votes to accept Manitoba’s new financial model

Winnipeg City Council votes to accept Manitoba's new financial model

Toronto backtracks on return-to-office plans for city employees as Omicron spreads to include some 2,600 workers in three divisions, with its own board

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Published Saturday, February 5, 2016 3:27 pm EST


City of Winnipeg employees are seeking to change the way the city manages its finances to reflect the fact that, as of Jan. 21, it is no longer the owner of the city’s buildings, and the city will not receive any income until the new owners are properly in place.

Council voted to give its blessing to a motion from Coun. Scott del Duca, who says it’s time to finally break away from its past.

The motion passed unanimously, with some councillors suggesting Mayor Brian Bowman should go back to his first job (politician) and let the city’s manager become the city manager.

The motion acknowledges that the city’s assets are not owned by and controlled by the city, nor do they belong to the city manager at this time.

The city is owned by Manitoba Housing and Municipal Power Authority.

The motion was tabled at the same time council voted unanimously to accept the Manitoba government’s new financial model in principle, which includes a 30-cent tax on home improvements.

It is expected now that city hall employees will seek to change the city’s fiscal framework, known as “return-to-office” plans, to reflect reality.

The city manager, appointed in April, and the finance and asset management staff will also be asked to review how the city’s budget works.

The province has outlined a number of changes to the way the city works, including the use of a “return-to-office” plan.

The new model eliminates any reference or explanation of the city’s financial status, in favour of a financial forecast for the following year.

It also calls for a financial forecast in the context of the provincial budget, which includes a 30-cent tax on home improvements.

The change to the city’s financial framework is the first step in the transition from being the owner of the assets to being the custod

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