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Trump’s Nomination: The Nominee’s Nominated

Trump’s Nomination: The Nominee’s Nominated

We Fact-Checked Trump’s Speech About The 2020 Election

Donald Trump, during his address to the Republican National Convention, took a shot at Joe Biden before giving his victory speech.

Mr. Trump gave his remarks in the morning and then went to a meeting of the National Honorary Awards Ceremony. On Tuesday evening, when he was given his “Wreath” and other awards, he told a reporter, “I think I won.”

On Wednesday, his campaign released a video featuring a graphic that shows Mr. Trump has won the nomination over Joe Biden — including a picture of the former vice president with a wreath, with the words “Won the nomination” beneath it. The video also includes a shot of a red carpet where the former vice president and President Barack Obama are on their way to the meeting.

“I won the nomination fair and square. That was my campaign. That was my convention,” Mr. Trump said at a press conference on Wednesday evening. “I can say they’re going to be going into my convention and I’ll be talking about what I did during the campaign and all of the things that made me win.”

We fact-checked Mr. Trump’s speech at the Republican National Convention and found no evidence that he’s won the nomination:

Donald Trump won the nomination.

There are a few different ways to define winner.

1. Mr. Trump’s most recent polling has him in the lead in all seven swing states that have voted in the past five contests.

But in New York, Ohio, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Wisconsin, he’s trailed the front-runner by nearly 2 percentage points.

He’s not leading in all of those states, let alone by enough margins that he can say victory should be taken for granted.

For instance, in Wisconsin, he was leading Mr. Biden in head-to-head polling this summer

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